i think i see a friend. 

SOUNDTRACK » Mad Men, Peggy/Stan for @velificantes.

one: young americans; david bowie // two: dead and gone; the black keys // three: we should fight; ezra furman & the harpoons // four: fuck and run (liz phair cover); frank rogala // five: yesterday’s fire; moonface with siinai // six: mama, won’t you keep them castles in the air and burning; clap your hands say yeah // seven: sway; the rolling stones // eight: my good luck; miles benjamin anthony robinson // nine: so long, marianne (leonard cohen cover); ravens & chimes // ten: new york city; among savages // eleven: new orleans (former ghosts cover); whitman // twelvelong as i can see the light; creedence clearwater revival

wasp nest (black sessions); the national
don’t think twice, it’s all right; bob dylan


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"Five months of peace is just what I want." - The Shining (1980)

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Once you’ve met someone you never really forget them.

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You went too far. I just showed him reality.

Ping Pong The Animation Episode #01 - The Wind Makes It Hard to Hear

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for death and I are one

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game of thrones:  t w o    s w o r d s  (4x01)

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Ping Pong 01 - The Wind Makes It Hard To Hear

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You can change. You can.

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@phaust asked Lost or Game of Thrones

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They’ll probably say, ‘let us in if we can beat you in a match.”

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